Bharat ka pehla Gold Bank

Bharat ka pehla Gold Bank


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“A grand vision to monetize 25,000 Tonnes of Idle Gold lying in Indian households worth 110 Lakh Crore”

MyGold is a complete gold ecosystem, protected by unhackable blockchain technology. When you invest your gold in MyGold then, we grow your gold in rate and also weight! Unbeatable assurance and security. Investing in gold for a secure future made easy and accessible for everyone.

MyGold offers you the opportunity to let your gold earn for you by becoming a passive income generator 16% p.a., 11% organic growth + 5% annual compound interest. A safe and secure investment method for an assured future.

Imagine a situation or an emergency where you need immediate funds. In such dire circumstances, MyGold is the solution. Unlike other gold investment methods and schemes, MyGold has no lock-in period! With 24/7 accessibility to your gold.

Started by our visionary director Mr. Amol Bansal, back in 2021. MyGold offers endless ’Golden’ possibilities, addressing several limitations of the present systems, and enhancing adaptability, accessibility, and accountability in the realm of physical and digital Gold investments. Start small, earn big!